What the Bible Says About...Child Training - by Richard Fugate

This torture book wins the prize for extreme child abuse in modern print!
Beating babies and children with sticks is stuff from medieval torture stories.
It would be laughable, but some people actually take this stuff seriously.
God condemns such garbage.

Jesus said "Whatever you do to these little ones, you are
doing to me!" Matthew 25:40

Read it and weep, for all the babies and little children Jesus loved so much,
and for Jesus who is beaten along with them and weeps...

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More child abuse quotes from this satanic book:
p.12 It is unchristian for a child to “seek attention, food or drink” or to play
p. 21 Beating a child with a rod is the “maximum expression of true love”.
p. 27 “Neither a father nor a mother should ever allow disrespect to be shown toward his or her position. They have the right to rule because God gave that right to parents, not because it is one they have earned or deserved.”
p. 29 “All parents have a God-given right to require honor for their position at all times, even if they have tarnished their child’s respect for their person.”
p.35 “Government is not a higher institution than parents.”
p.36 “Wives, if you reject your husband’s authority, you will either be tyrannical or permissive with your children.”
p.40 “As far as your child is concerned, your word is law.”
p.41 “The parents’ right to rule includes the power to force obedience to their will in all things. Parents not only have the right to rule in all things, they also have the power to enforce their child’s unwilling compliance to their commands.”
p.41 “Currently, parental authority is being undermined in America…through child advocacy agencies, and child abuse laws.”
p.52 “Parental authority is the most extensive of all institutions and includes the right to demand obedience from children.” Children “who rebel in overt disrespect receive the cursing of a living death and/or a violent end.”
p.54 The author, Richard Fugate, had family meetings with this voting system: “Granted, the voting was not equal: the three children each had one vote, Mother had four votes, and Dad had eight.”
p.55 Children “definitely should have a healthy fear of their parents’ authority. They will also fear the instrument of chastisement, if it’s used correctly.”
p.63 Children are “born with their spirits in a state of spiritual death.” Children possess an “inherent nature of sin”
p.78 If a child “does not immediately accept your rebuke, administer corporal punishment.”
p.92 “Responses such as, ‘Yes, sir’ or ‘Yes, ma’am,’ said with a right attitude, will help to develop a proper respect in your child.”
p.94 “Parents do not owe their child an explanation for their instructions. If you think it is necessary to explain your reasons, do so only after he has obeyed.” “A clever child who is allowed to question his parents’ instructions can confuse the issue and thereby avoid obedience. He may even turn your own words back on you: ‘But you said…’ While it is true that you will make some mistakes with the use of your authority, it is not your child’s responsibility or privilege to correct you.”
p.103 Children “should be expected to follow the commands of their parents to the letter.”
p.105 Emphasize “forced compliance” in children.
p.108 Starting at birth, “parents will decide when he should eat, sleep, and play”
p.124 “Women have to be taught when to withhold their natural love for their children.”
p.125 “Adult sons who have been over-protected…may even become homosexuals. Biblical child training principles can be self-applied by any adult who identifies himself with this type of upbringing.”
p. 127 “A wriggling six-month-old baby who intentionally refuses to be diapered can be taught the meaning of “no” in one or two simple lessons. When he tries to crawl away during a changing, he can be told “no,” pulled back, and held in place for a moment. The next time he tries to crawl away, he should be told “no” once firmly and lightly tapped once or twice on the upper leg with a small switch. The shocked look and tears will indicate you got his attention and that the command “no” has taken on a real meaning. An angry cry and continued squirming may indicate a strong-willed child who will require more pressure in both intensity and frequency.”
p.130 “Never give in to a child who is begging for something he wants.” “When a child consistently and instantly obeys his parents on command, he has learned the most important standard.”
p.136 “Children will often exert their independence in the face of certain danger such as by defying a promised whipping by immediately disobeying.”
p. 161 “Physical pain is the only pressure that will cause (the child) to choose to accept parental direction and controls.”

Beating special needs children:
p. 162 Beating a deaf boy with a rod.
p. 163 Using a dowel rod to beat a 6 year old with cerebral palsy.

p.223 “When parents punish their children, they are carrying out God’s judgment.”
p.229 Fugate forces his daughter to wash and dry every single dish and utensil in the whole kitchen by hand, because he didn’t think she was washing the dishes well enough.

Fugate calls children these cruel names in the book: spoiled, cocky, hateful, selfish, willful, self-centered, fool, clumsy, sinful, lazy, arrogant, troublemaker, sloppy, little savage,  “little Miss Chatty”, dirty, rotten. And yet, on p.90 he says:  “A parent who gossips and runs down others is unlikely to recognize and correct this trait.” Hmm...sounds like Mr. Fugate doesn’t recognize and correct this trait in himself!

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